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We’re an honest and constructive partner

Grand Union Housing Group works with more than 30 local authorities, and we also have key partnerships with suppliers, developers and colleagues across the social housing sector.

All of these relationships are important to us, and we will continue to work with each of our partners to ensure that Grand Union remains a positive choice. This includes making sure our communications are clear and transparent, and delivering on our promises. We’ll look after our reputation across both traditional and social media including responding to, and learning from, constructive criticism.

Grand Union includes three Large Scale Voluntary Transfers (LSVT) from local authorities, and we continue to have a strong presence in these areas. We take a collaborative approach here, as we do elsewhere. However, we recognise that our customers and others expect us to step up and take a lead when it’s appropriate, and we’re happy to do so. We understand that we have a special responsibility to these communities, and that we owe a special accountability. This extends to taking a more proactive approach to engaging with elected representatives, both local and national.

We’ve also identified a number of other areas where we believe our involvement can be particularly impactful. Along with our LSVT communities, these form our key stakeholders. We’ll keep an eye on their priorities, to ensure we’re supporting where we can, and we’ll take our role of critical friend seriously – sharing our experience and promoting our customers’ wellbeing.

Our commitments

Understanding what matters

We spend time understanding our partners’ priorities and values, so we know how we can help.

Positive engagement

We’re proactive as well as responsive in our stakeholder management. We bring our focus on solutions to every partnership.

Transparent and accountable

We share information ’warts and all’ because we understand that being held to account makes us better.

Valuing our reputation

We’re proud that people think well of us, and we’ll work hard to make sure we don’t lose their confidence in line with our Corporate Communication Strategy.

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